Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle – Which is better For You?

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Starting a day with a hot cup of tea or coffee is essential for many of us. Our lives feel incomplete without drinking our favorite hot beverages. If you are also a tea/coffee lover, you are more likely to own a kettle. Kettles are one of the common kitchen gadgets that are found in most homes. However, everyone has different needs and preferences. So, how would you figure out the best kettle for your house?

The market is full of different types of kettles with each offering unique features and characteristics. On one hand, you have stovetop kettles which come in the cutest looks and useful features. On the other hand, you can buy electric kettles that are far more advanced than the typical stovetop ones. Both types of kettles have their own pros and cons. So, let’s learn their difference between Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle and see which type of kettle is the best for you.

Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle – The Difference

There are numerous differences between electric kettle vs stovetop kettles. However, both of them use contrasting power sources. The stovetop kettle requires heat from the stovetop and the electric kettle requires electricity. The source of heat does not change the main outcome i.e. boiled water. The main difference between these two types of kettles is the time taken by each to boil water.

Electric kettles are great for working people who cannot waste their time waiting for boiled water. Those who want a quick and easy way of brewing tea or coffee should use an electric kettle. Moreover, for people who don’t use kettle regularly and don’t have time constraints, you should buy a stovetop kettle. Let’s learn about each type of kettle and the benefits they are offering. It might be helpful for you to understand the difference.

Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle – The benefits of Each

Benefits of Using Stovetop Kettle:

Stovetop kettles come with their own benefits. Some of them make these kettles a better option than electric kettles. If you want to decide which type of kettle is best for you, check out the benefits of each. Here are the advantages of buying stovetop kettles:

  • Affordability:

One of the primary advantages of using stovetop kettles is the amount of money you save. You don’t have to buy high-end electric kettles when stovetop ones serve the purpose for you. These kettles come at an affordable price so you can boil water at any time. If the features included in an electric kettle seem unnecessary for you, go for a stovetop kettle. It’ll save you some bucks.

  • Uninterrupted Performance:

While electric kettles need electricity to operate, stovetop kettles have more power sources. You can light the kettle even when there is no electricity. They can also heat up the water above its boiling point. Another benefit of using a stovetop kettle is that it doesn’t have a heating element. Despite its usefulness, the heating element can be harmful if not taken care of properly.

  • Easy to Travel:

You can take stovetop kettles with you on any adventure. Traveling into nature means the absence of electricity. That’s why you cannot rely on electric kettles while traveling. But stovetop kettles remain champion in the woods. You can simply put your kettle on a campfire and hot water is ready!

  • Easy Clean up:

The stovetop kettles don’t require a heating element or other electronic equipment to boil water. It indicates that you don’t have to clean it as carefully as an electric kettle. That’s another reason why stovetop kettles can be a good choice for you. They can be cleaned up easier than the electric kettles.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Kettle:

You have learned the benefits of stovetop kettle, let’s talk about their electric alternatives. Portability and convenience are the premium features of electric kettles. They can be plugged into the plug to initiate the heating process. Electric kettles offer numerous useful advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Portability:

One of the benefits of using electric kettles is that they are portable. You can take the kettle to any room where your friends or guests are sitting. Wherever you find electricity, this kettle can be plugged in. That’s why these kettles are convenient for use at work, study, or even at a desk. Hence, electric kettles are portable and can be great for anyone having an electrical outlet.

  • Time-Efficiency:

Another great advantage of using electric kettles is time-saving. These kettles are faster than stovetop kettles due to their powerful performance. Boiling water is just a matter of a few minutes with electric kettles. If you have a busy routine and cannot waste your time, go for an electric kettle.

  • Temperature Control

Electric kettles are designed to be smart enough to provide accuracy. Many of these kettles come with the feature of temperature control. Some teas require a certain temperature to brew perfectly. That’s why the electric kettles offer numerous temperature levels. You can set the temperature as per the requirement and enjoy your favorite tea.

  • Automatic Shutoff:

Automatic shutoff lets the boiling process work safely. Once the water reaches its boiling point, the kettle stops working automatically. Even if you forget to turn it off, electric kettles are smart enough to detect when to turn it off. In this way, the electric kettles prevent water from being overheated.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Compared to stovetop kettles, electric kettles are more energy-efficient. Thanks to the heating element, water is heated directly. Contrarily, stovetop kettles waste energy because they heat up the surrounding air too. Therefore, electric kettles save more energy.

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What is a Stovetop Kettle:

Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle

A stovetop kettle is a more traditional type of kettle. Numerous users use stovetop kettles to brew their tea in boiling water. You can put the stovetop kettles on an electric stove, gas, or induction. They have been around way before electric kettles so they are more common. The benefit of using a stovetop kettle than an electric one is the power source. While electric kettles only function with electricity, stovetop kettles can operate on any sort of flame.

A Classic stovetop Kettle in the market:

Whistling Tea Kettles, AIDEA 2.3 Quart Ceramic Tea Kettle

This stovetop kettle by AIDEA comes with numerous exciting features that you’ll love to have. It contains a pretty design with easy fill and cleanup. The ergonomically designed heat-resistant handle is coated with silicone for safety. Filling and pouring won’t take much effort as the kettle is designed to be simple for users’ convenience. If you are concerned about forgetting the water after putting it on the stove, don’t worry. This AIDEA kettle has a strong and loud whistle that would quickly remind you once water is completely boiled.


Easy Button Design:

This kettle by AIDEA is made from high-quality material. It can be easily fit in the bare hand without fearing the heat. All you need to do is grip its handle to open the spout cap. Its beautiful construction is also very considerate of users’ feasibility. Hence, this kettle is made easy to clean after usage.

2.3 Quart Capacity:

Another good thing about this kettle is its 2.3-quart capacity. It allows users to serve tea to their family and friends in big gatherings. Furthermore, this kettle consists of a three-layer thick wall that keeps tea warm for a long time. The seller claims that you can even use it for boiling milk and making coffee.

Enamel on Steel Kettle:

This kettle is enameled on the interior as well as exterior. Thanks to its fine craftsmanship and sturdy material, this product remains more likely to last long. Furthermore, this kettle has a gorgeous sleek design. Its bottom is flat and smooth due to which, the kettle heats up quickly. As per the sellers, boiling water in this AIDEA stovetop kettle takes up to 10 minutes.

Suitable for All Cooktops:

This AIDEA stovetop kettle can be used in all cooktops, as per the creators. You can use it on a gas stovetop, magnetic induction, and an electric stovetop. However, using this kettle in the oven or microwave is not recommended at all. Enjoy heating this attractive kettle to make a perfect cup of tea/coffee at any time.

Eye-Catching Construction:

The overall built of this kettle is pretty gorgeous. Its vibrant blue color adds an extra sparkle to its design. This kettle will look amazing in your kitchen regardless of the theme and existing color. You might also receive more compliments from family and friends.

  • Easy-to-open design
  • Loud and clear whistle
  • Gitable
  • Durable
  • Might start rusting

Final Verdict:

This stovetop kettle by AIDEA is a great choice for people who opt for a stovetop kettle. It comes with an easy design and simple functions. The material used for making this kettle is of high quality. Furthermore, it has a loud sound that acts as a perfect reminder. This kettle might seem heavy to some people, so it’s better to consider the weight before buying. Lastly, this kettle can make your kitchen look adorable with its cute design.

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What is Electric Kettle:

Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle

Electric kettles are considered an advanced alternative to stovetop kettles. Don’t confuse an electric kettle with a hot pot that can also heat soup. Electric Kettles are primary for heating up water. Compared to stovetop kettle, an electric kettle is more efficient and smart. Not only does it water fast, but it also turns off automatically after boiling. Hence, it takes care of your family’s safety without disturbing them with a loud noise.

KOIOS Electric Kettle –  A suitable option in the market

KOIOS electric kettle is designed to serve you by heating water for coffee, tea, or any other food. It has quiet functions and can heat up the water in 6-7 minutes. The water remains pure due to the stainless steel interior, as per the creators. The exterior is made of premium plastic that is BPA-free. From double wall construction to strong operating power, this kettle has a lot to offer. So, let’s learn some of its exciting features:


Fast and Quiet Water Boiling:

This kettle offers quiet operations due to its soundproofing coating. It doesn’t disturb anyone while boiling water. Furthermore, this kettle contains water circling heating technology of 1500 Watt. Despite its large capacity of 1.8 liters, this kettle can boil water pretty quickly.

Extra-Safe Temperature Control:

As you might have guessed, this electric kettle has more safety functions than the stovetop kettles. One of the most prominent safety measures is its automatic turn-off. This kettle is smart enough to turn itself off once the water reaches the boiling point. The heating element gets switched off when there is no water in the kettle. Hence, this electric kettle provides an easy and safe way of enjoying hot beverages.

Easy Usage:

Refilling the kettle with more water becomes easy with its large opening. As per the manufacturers, you can easily wash its interior by putting your hand inside. Furthermore, its design includes indication light, inside waterline, and ergonomic handle. This kettle also contains a 360° swivel base along with cord storage for easy storage.

Stainless Steel Interior:

The seller claims that the spout, inner lid, and filter are made of food-grade stainless steel. The plastic used in the exterior is BPA-free. As per the sellers, water does not come in contact with plastic. If you want to be 100% sure about the purity of water, you can search for further reviews.

Cool Touch Kettle:

A kettle can become extremely hot when the water reaches boiling point. Touching it might cause serious burns that can be very painful. However, don’t worry about burning your hand by using the KOIOS electric kettle. It offers protection from burning with double-wall construction. Even though water remains hot for a long time inside, it won’t hurt you or your family.

  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Heats up fast
  • Easy usage and storage
  • Water level cannot be seen from the outside

Final Verdict:

KOIOS electric kettle brings advanced technology and efficiency together for customers’ satisfaction. It is designed to be safe and quiet so you can enjoy coffee/tea anytime. Its auto shutoff and boil dry protection make it worth considering buying. With 1500 W heating technology, you can enjoy a cup of hot beverages in a few minutes.

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Materials used for Manufacturing electric Kettle:

Manufacturers use different materials to create kettles. Each one of them contains some pros and cons. Whether electric or stovetop, kettles are available in numerous materials. That’s why many buyers get confused while buying a kettle. They don’t understand which material to look for and which one to avoid.


Glass is one of the safe and healthy materials that are used for manufacturing kettles. The main reason behind it is the absence of chemicals. Glass kettles are known for being long-lasting, odorless, and stain-resistant. However, glass kettles are more expensive. They also might seem heavier than the kettles made from other materials. Glass kettles are elegant and make monitoring easy with their transparent body.

Stainless Steel:

One of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing electric kettles is stainless steel. It is popular because it is extremely safe just like glass. Kettles made of stainless steel perform exceptionally well without releasing toxic chemicals. However, stainless steel kettles are cheaper, as compared to other materials. They can be challenging to clean and may even start rusting quickly.


Plastic is considered one of the most toxic and harmful materials used for making kettles. The reason why plastic kettle is available in the market is that they are cheap. It contains harmful chemicals like Phthalates and BPA that can be extremely harmful to your health. Plastic kettles can release other chemicals or may start melting on high heat. They might also change the taste of your coffee or tea and produce an unpleasant smell.

Aluminum, Copper, or Brass:

Kettles made of these materials are also safe to use. They have the lining of nickel, stainless steel, or tin. Although they can be quite beneficial, these kettles are expensive. Hence, if your budget is limited, opt for any other alternative.

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Are electric kettles better than stove top kettles?

Stovetop kettles come with their own benefits. Some of them make these kettles a better option than electric kettles. If you want to decide which type of kettle is best for you, check out the benefits of each.

Are electric kettles cheaper than Stovetop?

Electric kettles are not cheap; they are pretty expensive. That’s because there are numerous advanced features available in these kettles. For instance, electric kettles are energy-efficient than stovetop ones. They are also very fast in boiling water.

How do I Buy the best kettle?

Before placing an order, you should have a clear idea of what you need. Write what you prefer in a kettle and search online for the perfect match.


We hope that you found this piece of information helpful. The best way to decide the best kettle for you is by identifying your needs. We have discussed the benefits of using stovetop kettles. If your needs are fulfilled by stovetop kettles, don’t buy the electric one. However, if you want an efficient kettle to save time and energy, consider buying electric kettles. Ask yourself, Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle – which Is right for you? If you want to learn more, feel free to email the seller and contact number.


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