4 Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle for your kitchen

Electric kettles are considered a vital kitchen gadget that every household needs. For bachelors or students living in a dorm, they play the role of their best friend. Compared to older kettles that could only boil water, electric kettles are modified and serve several functions.

These new and improved kettles are an incredible invention, and their demand is sky-high among coffee/tea lovers. Considering the multipurpose kettles, they offer more benefits than just making tea or coffee. These kettles are capable of oatmeal, making soup, ramen, eggs, and many other meals.

Now you must be thinking that you need an electric kettle in your life. However, deciding which kettle to buy is not that easy. You would not want to spend your hard-earned money on a kettle that doesn’t fulfill your demands.

Therefore, you need to do thorough research about the available options in an electric kettle. The features and price are the two most important factors that everyone should consider. Numerous brands promote products that offer different features in different price ranges. While many of them perform extraordinarily, only a few would be up to your requirements.

To help save your time, here is the review of the best multipurpose electric kettles<span style=”color: #0e101a;”> available in the market. Keep reading the article to learn what each of them offers.

Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle

  1. Buydeem K2693 HealthCare Beverage Tea Maker and Kettle:

The first product on the list is Buydeem K2693 tea maker and kettle. This product is an expert on multitasking as it offers nine different functions in a single cooker. Since its launch, it has gained popularity among users. People find it extremely efficient and reliable for their cooking. Here are some important features of the Buydeem multipurpose electric kettle that you need to know.


  • Efficiency

As a busy person, you can trust the Buydeem electric kettle for saving your time. Not only will it increase your efficiency in the kitchen, but it will also let you complete your tasks earlier than ever. You don’t need to use various kitchen gadgets for cooking. All your cooking solutions are included in a single product now. For instance, this kettle allows you to make noodles, soup, baby drinks, homemade yogurt, boil eggs, and so on. Its 1.5ml capacity is sufficient for 1-5 people. You can make a variety of meals in it

  • Heat Preservation:

Want to save your warm beverage to enjoy later on? No problem! With Buydeem multipurpose electric kettle, you only need to boil water for 8 minutes. Once the water reaches its boiling point, you can turn the device off. This kettle can preserve heat for up to 120 minutes with remarkable heat preservation function after being turned off. Thus, you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee even after a while.

  • Special Lightening

To let the users have a clear view of their food being cooked, the creators of this kettle have included special lighting. With the progress bar, you can monitor your food while it is cooking. It gives users a satisfying feeling, and they develop a sense of trust because of the transparency. Special lighting is one of the unique features of this electric kettle that sets it apart from other kettles.

  • Luxurious appearance due to unique cor and elegant design
  • Genuine material and food quality glass
  • Made up with fancy US Strix
  • Easy to monitor due to transparent material
  • The glass can break if the kettle falls.

Final Verdict: 

Created in China, the Buydeem kettle is a great option for people looking for a multipurpose electric kettle. With the variety of functions, it offers, now you can call it the king of multipurpose electric kettles. It is great for families that prefer having boiled items like Chinese people. We are certain that this purchase won’t disappoint you.

  1. DASH Express Electric Cooker Hot Pot

The next to be featured on our list is Dash express electric cooker hot pot. As the name suggests, this product is not your average electric kettle. It is an electric cooker that offers all functions that an electric kettle does. It also provides the main functions of a typical electric cooker. You can use it for cooking rice, pasta, beverages, ramen, and many more items. You can cook items that cannot usually be made in an electric kettle. Below mentioned are some of its important features.


  • Vast Capacity:

For large families or groups of friends, this product is ideal. It offers 1.2L capacity, which means no need to worry about cooking in a large amount. You can cook up to 4 cups of rice at once. Hence, this gadget is your perfect go-to option for small get-togethers and potlucks.

  • Compact and Portable:

This factor is more significant to young people who are planning to move into their first apartment. Small apartments having small kitchens or college dorms don’t have a large space. People who are living in such apartments know very well the importance of a space-efficient gadget. If you go for this multipurpose electric kettle, you won’t have to worry about space anymore. It can easily fit into small spaces and still performs perfectly fine.

  • Indicator Lights

Cooking meals in electric cookers can be risky because you cannot view the food being cooked. Sometimes, the meals end up being overcooked, and all your efforts go down the drain. Dash express electric kettle/cooker includes indicator lights to prevent food from being overcooked. These lights will indicate once the food is cooked. Additionally, this gadget comes with effective touch handles so that you enjoy cooking safely.

  • Created by using durable material
  • Easy to pour and clean
  • Safer to use
  • Indicator lights prevent overcooking
  • Average temperature control

Final Verdict:

Dash Express electric cooker and the kettle is strongly recommended to everyone who needs a gadget for a small kitchen. Its main features will get you a wonderful cooling experience. With so many options for cooking a variety of items, you will never get bored of cooking. This product is simple, and beginners without prior experience or knowledge of using an electric cooker can also operate it. So, without worrying anymore, go for it.

  1. DCIGNA 15L Electric Kettle, Multipurpose Electric Kettle

Another multipurpose electric kettle on the list is DCIGNA electric kettle. Since it has a smart design, this electric kettle consists of some exceptional features that you would admire. Soon after you buy it, it will turn into your favorite kitchen gadget. It is considered ideal for students living in the hostels. You can also give it to your loved ones as a present. They’ll surely adore it. Below are some significant features of DCIGNA multipurpose electric kettle.


  • Temperature Control

With smart devices, you work smartly. Electric gadgets made by using advanced technology give us more freedom and control over their use. For instance, this product comes with a regulator-based temperature control system. You can set any temperature according to your needs. This multipurpose kettle is improved in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

  • Drying Prevention System

Another advantage of buying a smart kettle like this one is that you don’t always need to assist it. The sensors are added to keep them safe. In case a user forgets to turn it off after using it, it will turn off itself. When there is nothing inside, this electric kettle will be turned off to prevent further damage.

  • Lightweight:

The good news for travelers, this gadget is very light weighted and easy to travel with. You can take it for your picnics, camping, and get-togethers. Since it can easily fit into small bags, you won’t face difficulty traveling with this product. It is ideal for people who love traveling and welcome freshly brewed coffee all time.

  • Separate Base

One of the most common struggles in handling kettles is dealing with their base. If the kettle is fixed on the base, it won’t be able to move freely. However, a separate base allows users to take the kettle and move it around the house without complications. It is convenient to enjoy a nice cup of tea outside your house with a group of friends.

  • Safe to use
  • Manufactured by SUS 300 stainless steel
  • Durable due to double layer
  • Easy cleaning due to separate base
  • Sometimes it starts to rust due to stainless steel inside

Final Verdict:

DCIGNA multipurpose electric cooker and kettle is a versatile and sleek product. This steel is tested for food-grade requirements. You can cook multiple types of items in it and control its temperature easily. For hostel students, this gadget is their best bet. It is constructed by using great-quality stainless steel.

  1. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel kettle:

Finally, we have AmazonBasics stainless steel multipurpose kettle. AmazonBasics support this simple yet exceptional product, so there is no reliability issue here. This product is genuine, reliable, and is trusted by numerous users. You can also search the reviews. Customers are pretty happy with their purchases. That being said, you should have a look at the features thoroughly. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about this product.


  • Good Performance

The capacity offered by this multipurpose electric kettle is 1L. So, users can make a large amount of coffee at once without complications. Additionally, quick boiling is possible because of the great 1500 watt of power that it offers. In terms of performance, AmazonBasics Stainless Steel multipurpose kettle is a winner.

  • BPA-free, Food-Contact Material

Another advantage of buying this multipurpose electric kettle is the health and safety assurance. All material used for manufacturing is BPA-free and has been tested for food-grade requirements. Users prefer buying a gadget that provides maximum health safety. With this electric kettle, you will be safe from any harm caused by dangerous chemicals or low-quality materials.

  • Removable Filter:

If you are a regular user of an electric kettle, you would always prefer the one that is easiest to clean. Sometimes, a task as easy as cleaning the kettle turns out to be pretty challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Therefore, AmazonBasics has designed this multipurpose electric kettle to be easy to clean. With a removable filter, cleaning is now easier than ever.

  • Smart Design:

The first thing that a customer notices while buying anything is its design. The product that seems appealing to the eyes stands out in the crowd. Talking about its brilliant design, the creators have made it simple and yet effective. What may seem like an ordinary kettle is providing the best filing and serving experience to the users. The design is cordless, which lets the users roam around with this gadget anywhere in their house. You can also carry it with you outside and enjoy your tea.

  • No use of BPA compounds.
  • Cordless and easy to clean
  • The display is given to monitoring the water level
  • Up to 30 inches long cord
  • Reasonable price considering the features
  • Durability is not great

Final Verdict: 

Aside from the given features, Amazon Basics multipurpose electric kettle offers a lot more. Numerous other features that are present in a top-notch multipurpose electric kettle are present in this kettle. Not to mention the level of safety and ease that the users are getting. So, it is recommended to research more about this product if you are planning to get yourself a multipurpose electric kettle.

Final Thoughts: Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle

Finally, you have reached the end of this thorough review. All the above-mentioned items are considered to be the best multipurpose electric kettles. These smart kettles will bring ease and comfort to your life. However, they all provide a different set of features. You need to consider your budget and the most important features that you want before buying the kettle.

Once you are sure, just go click on the given links and place your order. Hopefully, you are now clear with the pros and cons that each kettle comes with. Select the one that matched your needs and seems economical. You can try reading more reviews for the safe side. You won’t regret spending your hard-earned money.


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