13 Best ALL Stainless Steel Electric Kettle with no Plastic

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In these uncertain times we are facing today; we need to become efficient in time, energy, and money. The use of modern-day electrical appliances has revolutionized everyday living. Kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, electric kettles, steamers, sandwich makers, etc., have several benefits. They have reduced the cooking time and allowed any beginner-level chef to cook a complete meal.

So in our today’s blog, we will be guiding you about some of the best All stainless steel electric kettles with no plastic available on the market. An electric kettle is a much useful kitchen appliance that helps you prepare your breakfast tea within no time. It has the simplest operation, you only need to connect it to a power supply, and there you have got your steaming hot tea or coffee. These electric kettles boil water rapidly and even boil an egg when a regular stove is not available.

However, when numerous brands are competing and each one of them has several kettle models, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. It is where our today’s blog is going to help you. We will be telling you about some of the best stainless steel electric kettles, their pros and cons, and a general buying guide. It will help you decide more easily before you head out to the market.

13 Best ALL Stainless Steel Electric Kettle no Plastic

  1. Miroco 1.5L Double Wall Stainless Steel electric kettle no plastic

Best stainless steel electric kettle

Miroco is one of the number 1 brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. Be it their electric kettle, steamer, or rice cooker, the appliance’s quality and performance are guaranteed. The unique feature of Morocco’s electric kettle is that it uses the British Strix thermostat technology. This enables it to automatically turn off the kettle when it has reached a specific temperature. It ensures power saving, the safety of the user and protects from any electrical hazards.

100% stainless steel is used for its interior, which forms its rim, spout, inner lid, and kettle liner. To ensure hot water does not scald the user, the outer wall is designed with high-quality BPA plastic. It does not come in contact with water and protects the kettle from scratches. This electric kettle can conveniently boil water to its full capacity within a time of 6 to 8 minutes. You can also use this kettle to quickly cook the stock, instant soup, coffee, or hot chocolate. Isn’t it a treat for your winters? We definitely think so.


  • It has a wide spout for easy cleaning and convenient filling.
  • You can also use the kettle to prepare simple and quick foods.
  • Auto turns off feature ensures the user’s safety and also saves energy.
  • It is portable, so you can carry it on your road trips and camping as well.
  • Miroco is a reliable brand; hence its kettle is durable.
  • The water heating rod might become black or rusty with time.
  • No LED display for temperature


  1. Willsence Electric Gooseneck Kettle no plastic

Best stainless steel electric kettle

Willsence is almost a decade old and has enhanced consumers’ everyday lives by producing reliable home appliances. Willsence’s Electric Kettle has a rather classical appearance but confirms the modern-day requirements. With this shape, you can experience the aroma of freshly steeped tea as well as the floral and citrus aroma from beans and flowers.

The electric kettle has a dial located on its base, which can rotate to adjust the temperature—the temperature range is between 100 to 212 degrees F. The kettle’s heating element uses the power of up to 1200W and heats ½ liter of water within 3 minutes. The interior comprises 100% ALL Stainless steel, and the kettle has absolutely no plastic or BPA internal components.

It prevents the plastic material from touching the water, hence keeping your tea or other food according to health standards. For people who are new to cooking, this kettle has the remarkable feature of a stopwatch. To prepare different types of tea, coffee, simple soups, or boiled egg, you can set the stopwatch for exact timing according to the recipe book. The time and temperature are displayed via an LCD.

  • “Set Temp” feature enables the kettle to maintain the contents’ temperature for 2 hours once it reaches the desired set temperatures.
  • The mute button silences all the kettle noises.
  • The steam outlet on the kettle lid prevents the build-up of pressure inside the kettle.
  • LCD and Stopwatch feature helps newbies to prepare food efficiently.
  • The smaller capacity is only 0.8 liters.

3. COMFEE’ Electric Kettle Teapot

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

COMFEE’s electric kettle uses 1500 watts of power and boils more than 1.5 liters of water in no time. You can consider keeping this in your offices, hostels, or regular home kitchens if you want urgent meals. The most beneficial feature is that it makes very little noise. If kept in an office, it will not disturb your everyday tasks.

The heat-resistant exterior is BPA-free. The kettle is specially designed to keep all the plastic out of your food. The interior of the kettle is constructed with 100% food-grade stainless steel. The kettle also features a cool-touch handle. It allows you to pour and serve from your kettle while the contents are still hot.

The lids pop open to make it more convenient, and the inner has a water gauge line which aids in pouring water with ease. The lid opens up wide enough to allow you to thoroughly clean and scrub the inside of the kettle. Hence the formation of debris or deposit is no more an issue.

  • Power cord storage facility allows for convenience and flexibility in use.
  • LED light indicates whether the kettle is working or idle.
  • Available in two colors; Black and Mint Green.
  • Might develop rust after some time.
  1. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, no plastic


    Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

When it comes to the most efficient electrical kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach certainly pops in our minds. Their appliances include toasters, sandwich makers, rice cookers, and electric kettles. Therefore, when it comes to the best stainless steel electric kettles, they have got us covered.

Hamilton Beach Kettle has a larger capacity than most other electric kettles. It can boil up to 1.7 liters of liquids. It is even faster than a microwave oven and safe to use as compared to stoves. You can connect it to any power outlet of 120v to get your tea ready in no time. The heating element is kept concealed which prevents any residue formation and keeps it clean. The kettle is cordless at the time of serving and pouring the liquid out.

On its exterior, there is a water level window with volume markings. It allows you to observe the water levels during operation without opening the lid. You can also open the lid with a single press of button. This feature enables you to pour out your steaming hot liquids safely, without any spills.

  • Ideal for use in Offices, college hostels, and during travel.
  • Auto shut-off system prevents electrical hazards, boil-dry protection turns the kettle off when liquid is below optimum levels.
  • The simple push-button operation to open the lid.
  • The 360-degree rotating base holds the cord and keeps it out of the way while serving.
  • It does not have an LED display.
  • It does not have LCD backlit buttons.
  1. KRUPS BW710D51 Cool-touch Stainless Steel Electric Kettle without plastic

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

KRUPS is one of the leading brands of kitchen appliances. Its products include electronics like toasters, blenders, beaters, coffee brewers, and electric kettles. That is why the next product on our list of best All stainless steel electric kettles with no plastic is from this brand. The KRUPS stainless steel electric kettle has a heating power of 1500 watts. With this power, you can easily boil 1.7 liters of water for tea or coffee. Not only this, but it also allows you to cook instant soup, quick-cook noodles, hot chocolate, boiled eggs, and many more items.

The handle of this kettle remains cool at all times so that you can pour and serve without scalding your hand. Both right and left-handed users can hold it conveniently. The lid can be easily opened with a simple button press. Another intriguing feature of this stainless steel electric kettle is its keep-warm feature. Whenever the kettle contents are boiled to the preset temperature, the kettle keeps them heated for 30 mins. It is so that you can serve the contents still warm, without reheating.

  • Adjustable temperature settings for white, green, herbal, and black teas and coffee.
  • It comes with a removable scale filter to give pure water or to filter the tea.
  • Dual water level windows to fill water up to desired levels.
  • 360-degree rotating base and full cordless design to serve freely.
  • It is easy to clean it both from inside and outside.
  • No LED display for temperature
  1. Chefman Stainless Steel Electric Kettle without plastic

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Chefman has a large variety of stainless steel electric kettles to choose from. This kettle allows you to boil up to 1.7 liters of liquid faster than possible in a microwave oven. You can use this appliance not only to make tea but also to cook simple oatmeal, porridge, soups and broths, and noodles as well. It makes it ideal for traveling purposes as well as for keeping in a hostel room.

The kettle rests on a 360-degree swiveling base. The base also holds the folded cord for convenience during serving and pouring. The kettle’s exterior has a transparent window to check for water levels during cooking. It prevents the need to lift the lid repeatedly and also removes the hazard of steam burns.

The kettle uses a powerful motor of 1000 watts, and hence you get your teas and coffees ready in no time. Besides the performance features, the kettle has a stylish appearance and makes your kitchen top look more sophisticated..

  • BPA-free, no plastic material touches the water, hence making it totally according to the health standards.
  • There is no fear of kettle boiling dry because it can automatically turn off when the water levels are below optimum.
  • Long-lasting and durable; does not pose an expense for repeated repairs and maintenance.
  • You can plug it into the power source from any direction. hence both left and right-handed users can use it effectively
  • No additional features of stopwatch or timer
  • No LED backlights or display
  1. Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle 1.5 Liter no plastic

Best stainless steel electric kettle

Talk about aesthetically pleasing kettles, and Ovente has heard you right away. This model from Ovente comes in several attractive colors. These are Green, Black, Fuschia Pink, Maroon, Orange, Purple, Red, and White. You can choose from any one of these to match your kitchen countertop.

But Ovente is not only about appearance. It delivers what it promises. The kettle performs well on the power of 1100 watts and gives you your perfect sip of tea in no time. It has a maximum volume capacity of 1.5 liters. This kettle is an energy-efficient one and saves about 50% of electric consumption than electric stoves or other kettles.

With a concealed heating element, we can ensure that no residue forms are mixed with water. The kettle’s interior is also BPA-free so that you can get clean drinking water. The interior of this All stainless steel electric kettle is designed so that you can clean it easily with a vacuum cleaning brush.

  • The kettle has an LED light indicator. The light turns on when the water starts boiling, and it can automatically turn off when the water boils.
  • If there is no water left in the glass carafe, the kettle automatically turns off to protect the heating element.
  • This kettle comes with a filter that can filter out the lime deposits. Clean it conveniently with a damp cloth.
  • The cord can be wrapped neatly into the base for hassle-free usage.
  • It comes in aesthetically pleasing colors.
  • Some users found it not a longer-lasting kettle.
  1. Breville BKE720BSS Temp Select Electric Kettle no plastic

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Breville is also a big name in the field of kitchen appliances. We all have one or two Breville electronics in our kitchens. They have expertise in producing good quality toasters, food factories, coffee brewers, steam cookers, and electric kettles.

This kettle is constructed out of high-quality brushed stainless steel. It has a soft opening lid which releases the steam slowly and prevents the user from any scalding accident. The kettles have numerous buttons for temperature and setting selection. You also select from the preset settings to prepare white, herbal, green, or black tea and French press.

It also has a warm feature. This feature keeps the liquid warm for almost half an hour after it has been boiled. It also has an auto shut-off feature and boil-dry protection for your safety. The kettle weighs only 4.79 pounds. Hence it is easy to carry it to laces. It is ideal for office use, dormitories, traveling, and camping.

  • Light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Has several preset settings to prepare different types of teas.
  • Transparent water windows at both sides so that both left and right-handers can check the water level conveniently.
  • Easy temperature selection for preparation of soups, porridge, and boiled eggs.
  • the overall operation is very easy. newbies can also cook simple foods like porridge and boiled eggs in this kettle.
  • It makes loud beep noises every time the kettle is lifted from its base.
  • It has a lesser capacity than other brands. It can hold only 7 cups of liquid.
  1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Cordless Kettle no plastic

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Who is not familiar with Black + Decker? Previously known as Black and Decker, this brand of electronic appliances has a wide variety of items. It produces kitchen appliances and other home appliances like vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, etc.

The kettle has a rapid boil zone. The glass window for checking the water level has three bright red markings. You can pour in water up to these markings to boil it super-fast. It is ideal for emergency uses. The kettle usually boils the water two times faster than the regular stovetop. This not only conserves energy but also saves your time in the kitchen.

It is also light in weight and very convenient to carry during traveling. It has a classy black color and a stylish appearance which will definitely create an impression on your guests. There is also an anti-scale filter to prevent your kettle from developing limescale deposits, which keeps the water purified. It is an easily cleanable filter. You can wash it with soapy water or with a damp cloth.

  • Rapid boil function makes it ideal for emergency uses in hospitals.
  • The fully rotating base provides easy lift up, popular, and putting back. It also makes the kettle cordless during pouring and serving.
  • It has a larger capacity of 1.7 liters.
  • Dual water windows to observe water from any side.
  • Automatic shut-off feature and boil-dry protection.
  • Concealed heating elements.
  • Sometimes flakes can develop on the base of the kettle.
  1. Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Wired Tea Kettle

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Megachef electric kettle is included in our list of best stainless steel electric kettles because of its larger than usual capacity. It can hold up to 1.8 liters of water. It also comes with a tea infuser that allows you to brew tea from tea leaves. This infuser will give you the optimum flavor of your favorite tea every time.

The kettle has a cool-to-touch handle. That makes it convenient for you to lift and serve even when the kettle has just boiled the liquid. The lid is also removable and completely cool to touch at all times to avoid scalding hazards. The LED light starts glowing as soon as the water starts boiling and turns off when the water is completely boiled.

The kettle rests steadily on the heating base and holds the cord while you detach the kettle and serve the tea or coffee. It also has a dip-free sprout which prevents any unnecessary spills. We can assure you that you will have a comfortable and non-hazardous experience with this electric kettle.

  • Easy cleanup and removable, washable filter.
  • It weighs only 2.88 pounds; this makes it completely portable.
  • Stylish appearance and clean looking glass exterior.
  • It does not produce much noise like other electric kettles.
  • It does not open wide enough, and sometimes it gets difficult to clean it from inside.
  • Some residue might develop on the base of the kettle.
  1. Mr. Coffee Stainless Steel Electric Kettle,

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

If you are looking for a stainless steel electric kettle that makes an impression and performs well, then here you are. Mr. Coffee’s kettle might just be what you are looking for. A larger capacity kettle, Mr. Coffee can heat 1.7 liters of liquid in just 6 minutes. The classy red color shows your unique taste to your guests and makes your kitchen top look more sophisticated. With water windows on both sides of the kettle, you can easily check when the water is about to boil. It also prevents overfilling.

The kettle has a base to hold it during operation, which also stores the cord. The kettle also includes an inbuilt water filter. It prevents the water from tasting old or foul and also filters out the limescale deposits. The kettle also has auto turn-off features, and boil-dry protection prevents any electrical hazards and keeps the user safe.

  • Stylish appearance with a classy red color.
  • 360-degree rotating base allows for a cordless operation and holds the kettle steady.
  • Boils more than one liter of water within 6 minutes.
  • Long-lasting and durable electric kettle; poses fewer costs on repairs and maintenance.
  • No temperature control settings.
  • No LED display or backlights.
  1. Sencor SWK1773VT 1.7L ALL Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

What is better than brewing your favorite tea in a glistening, violet-colored electric kettle? Sencor ensures that you get the best out of it; that is why it has produced an energy-efficient and precision-based electric kettle. It has a maximum fluid bearing capacity of 1.7 liters. Not only Violet, but you can choose this kettle in colors of Black, Blue, Champagne, Gold, Green, Light Green, Pink, and Red as well.

The kettle has an internal filter that filters out any debris, lime deposit, and dirt and results in pure boiled water for your tea and coffee. It ensures you get only clean and purest water. With this kettle, you can also prepare simpler foods like oatmeals, porridge, soups, and boiled eggs. When the water level drops off to a lower volume, the kettle can automatically turn off. This prevents damage to the internal heating elements and other electrical hazards.

  • Available in a wide range of decent colors.
  • It has a larger capacity than many other kettles.
  • protects overheating by automatic turn off and boil-dry protection.
  • comes with a filter to purify the water.
  • No temperature control buttons are provided.
  • Keep warm function is not present.


13. Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric kettle no plastic

Best stainless steel electric kettle

Kitchen appliance users are familiar with the Cuisinart brand. It has been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for a long time and has now earned customer’s trust. The Cuisinart’s electric kettle meets all your modern-day requirements. It is cordless, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of a cord hanging around. The base swivels around at 360° to allow for cord folding.

The heating element is concealed on the inner sides. It is to prevent the heating rod from becoming black and forming any kind of mineral residue. The kettle offers six different settings for preparing the tea, and it also has a keep-warm function. It keeps your tea warm for a good thirty minutes after the power supply is turned off.

Blue LED indicating lights to enable you to use your kettle in the dark as well. Auto shut-off system turns the kettle off when the water boils to prevent scalding hazards and save energy. It also has boil-dry protection. This means that if there is not enough water inside the kettle, it will turn off to prevent damage to the heating element. The kettle has a 2-minute memory as well allowing you to easily move it from its place without turning it off or turning on the standby mode.


  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning the heating element.
  • LED lights enable us to read the temperature settings and amount of water conveniently.
  • There are separate temperature settings for white, green, or black tea.
  • The kettle also is used to boil an egg, prepare simple noodles, instant soup, etc.
  • Simple one-button operation for Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.
  • It is expensive as compared to the other brands.

Few Things to Consider Before Buying the Best ALL Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, no plastic

Before rushing out to buy an electric kettle, you should keep in mind certain factors that affect an electric kettle’s performance.

Good Quality Stainless Steel Material

The quality of the ALL stainless steel used in the kettle determines the overall performance of the kettle. Low-quality stainless steel might get rusted soon. It will also fail to keep contents hot after the kettle has been turned off.

Temperature options

Kettles having temperature control options are preferable. They have preset settings and allow newbies to prepare different types of simple foods without much effort. You can keep these in offices as well as in hostels for multiple purposes.

Fluid Bearing Capacity

It is advised to choose a kettle with a larger fluid bearing capacity. Most of the kettles can bear a maximum of 1.7 liters. However, it differs from brand to brand. Larger ones can allow you to prepare foods other than tea. You can conveniently cook oatmeal, wheat porridge, simple sous, boiled eggs, and noodles in a large kettle.

Noise levels

Certainly, a kettle that makes less noise during operation is more likable. However, less expensive kettles might be a bit noisy. If you are tight on a budget, you can choose to ignore this factor if all other conditions are being met.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

  1. My kettle has got stains on its interior. How may I clean it?

To clean a kettle from the inside, you can almost always use a mixture of Vinegar and Baking soda. Apply with a vacuum cleaning brush. Rinse carefully. Remember, never submerge your kettle in water as it can damage its heating element.

  1. My kettle makes a lot of noises. How can I resolve the issue?

Some of the less costly kettles naturally are noisy during operation. You can upgrade to a better one. Another simple solution is to use a kettle away from the silence zone or at times when noise cannot disturb anyone around.

  1. The kettle turns off automatically. Is it a malfunction?

No, it is not. The kettles have auto turn-off features that enable them to turn off whenever the contents inside them have boiled. It is to protect the kettles heating element from damage.

Final Thoughts

An Electric Kettle can also be considered as a mini breakfast maker. With a good ALL stainless steel electric kettle no plastic, not only can you make tea or coffee, but simple breakfast items like oatmeal and eggs also. However, before buying a stainless steel electric kettle, consider reading a few buying guides. These will let you know about some of the best brands. They will also help you in understanding what should be taken into consideration while buying an electric kettle.

Remember that expensive is not always good, but some features are worth spending the money on. If you want to buy the best stainless steel electric kettle of a good brand with various features and is also silent during its operation, it might cost you more than the usual range. We have covered some of the most reliable and best brands of ALL stainless steel electric kettles. We hope that our blog will help you in making a wise selection. Happy Shopping!


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