How To Dehydrate Kiwi – 3 different Ways

Kiwi is a popular exotic fruit carrying an intriguing taste to mesmerize your taste buds. It’s like a sweet and sour candy that you can enjoy dried or even dehydrated. For many years, kiwi has been an exceptional fruit offering various health benefits to users. It contains vitamins A, B12, E, and C and minerals like calcium and potassium. Recently, studies have found it one of the best sleep inducers for people experiencing sleep issues.

“How To Dehydrate Kiwi”

A dehydrated kiwi is an excellent idea to amplify its flavor as sweet and sour chips. Whether you want a delicious snack or healthy diet food, you can dehydrate kiwi and enjoy its crispy taste for a refreshing experience.

If you’re clueless, we’ve gathered different ways to help you learn how to dehydrate kiwi. If you need more information, consult here.

Ways to Dehydrate Kiwi

Dehydrating kiwi isn’t a complex formula. It’s an easy project and doesn’t take too much of your time or energy. For beginners, these simple steps can work wonders and enable them to enjoy a healthy snack. Let’s dive into the steps.

How to dry kiwi in dehydrator

1.   How to dry kiwi in dehydrator

If you have a dehydrator at your home, you can simply dehydrate kiwi using this unique equipment. Learn the instructions below.

Step 1– First, peel the kiwi. Choose a good paring knife or a vegetable peeler. Using a knife, cut thinner and even slices for a faster process. Ensure that you’re wearing a cutting glove to save your fingertips

Step 2– Now, it’s time to put these slices into your dehydrator tray. Don’t put all the slices together and leave some space in between to encourage airflow.

Step 3– Set the temperature of the dehydrator and put it at 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4– The process can take up to 12 hours so check the dehydrator after six hours. Remember, the time also depends on the thickness of the kiwi slices.

Step 5- Finally, check the kiwi slices, take them out, and preserve them for a healthy snack time.

2.   how to dry kiwi in an Oven

If you’re a beginner or don’t have a dehydrator at home, fret not! You can use an alternative way to dehydrate kiwi. Using an oven, you can make quick and easy dehydrated kiwi chips to delight your taste buds. Learn the steps below.

Step 1– With a vegetable peeler or a good knife, peel the kiwi first and then slice it. You can choose to make thick or thin slices. But keep in mind they will become thinner once dried.

Step 2– After slicing the kiwi evenly into thick or thin pieces, place them on a paper-lined cooking tray. Then, put the tray onto the cookie sheet while inserting it inside the oven. Set the lowest possible oven temperature.

Step 3– Now, let the slices cook for about four hours. Keep a check on the kiwis to prevent over-browning. If the slices aren’t dry enough, leave them inside the oven for a few more minutes.

Step 4– Once the time is over and the texture seems fine, use a heat-proof mat or wooden spoon to take out the delicious kiwi chips. Ensure they are firm and a bit chewy as per your taste and liking.

3.   how to dehydrate kiwi in air fryer

How to dry kiwi in dehydrator

There is another way to dehydrate those fuzzy brown fruits for a healthy snack. You can use an air fryer for the same purpose. See the step-wise process below to learn more.

Step 1- Use a mandolin or a paring knife to peel the kiwi. It’s not necessary to peel it for air frying. However, the texture may differ on the outside, so it’s better to peel the skin.

Step 2– Carefully slice the fruit into even and thin pieces. You can cut them around ¼ of an inch for an ideal size. But there aren’t any specific measurements.

Step 3– Now, place the slice inside the air dryer. Ensure to give some space between the slices to generate more room for airflow.

Step 4– If your air fryer has a dehydrating option available, you can simply use it to dry the kiwi. If there isn’t any option available, you can set a specific temperature to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5– Leave the kiwi slices to air fry for around four hours. Remember, the time depends on the texture and thickness of the slices.

Quick Ways to Store Dehydrated Kiwis

If you have successfully dehydrated kiwis to meet your snacking needs, you may want to preserve their taste for the longest possible time. Once you have finished the process, ensure to cool down the slices first before storing them. For best results, you can place the dehydrated kiwis on a plate at room temperature.

Now, all you need is to store your tasty snack so you can enjoy it whenever you want. Learn the quick ways to store dehydrated kiwi below.

1-   Go for an Air- Tight Container

Buy an air-tight container. You can use a glass container as it’s a better option. If you want a similar and reliable option, you can use a plastic bag. However, ensure that whatever you’re using contains no airflow to keep the kiwis fresh inside for a long time. Now, place the dehydrated kiwis inside the air-tight container. Keep it in a cool or dark place like a cabinet to maintain the smooth and crispy texture of the kiwis.

2-   Try Freezer/Refrigerator

If you’re someone living in a humid area, you can use a freezer or refrigerator to store the dehydrated kiwis. Just place the kiwi chips inside a jar or a plastic bag and put them inside the freezer.

Wrapping Up

All three methods are effective for dehydrating kiwis at a specific pace and time. For now, the best method is to use an air fryer to dehydrate kiwi. It’s the quickest way to enjoy delectable kiwi chips as a snack. You can try them all and see which method is better to suit your needs. Don’t forget to store and keep them in a cool or dark place.


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