Magic Mill Dehydrator Review

When looking for a kitchen appliance, we look for something worth our hard-earned money, affordable, and loaded with modern features. New-day appliances are small and easy to set up anywhere in the kitchen without asking for professional help. Today, we are talking about one of the most demanding appliances; Magic Mill Dehydrator.

If you were searching for a dehydrator from an affordable and reliable brand, we have solved this problem. Magic Mill food dehydrator is one of the beautiful, compact, and easy-to-use kitchen equipment available to dehydrate anything for longer shelf life. Let’s see what it has to offer you that makes it stand out from all.

Magic Mill Dehydrator Review

So, finally, we are reviewing one of the high-demand dehydrators to clear clouds of confusion over your head. Let’s scrutinize its features to understand the functionality.

Superior Heat Distribution

This electric dehydration machine is capable of performing at its best due to the rear mount fan that can distribute heat evenly. The appliance has air flow circulation technology that boosts a quick-drying method to remove every inch of moisture from it. Regardless of ingredients arrangement, it distribute heat everywhere for consistent performance.

You must have heard from many users that you have to rotate trays every few hours to distribute heat evenly, but it depends on the brand. Magic miller is one of the top-notch brands and has manufactured this appliance after putting a lot of thought into it. It doesn’t require tray rotation because of even heat distribution. Set the time and take a back seat to relax, this dehydrator will handle the rest of the process like a pro.

Digital Thermostat

On days when you are stuck in different house chores, and you have to handle kitchen appliances manually is a total headache. Who wants to deal with such a complicated device that requires your efforts every time? If you are also one of those who doesn’t want anything time and attention-consuming in your kitchen, this is the time to switch to a magic mill dehydrator.

It has a digital adjustable thermostat to deliver you everything perfectly dehydrated as you want. As soon as you set the temperature and timer, it will start showing a countdown on a display. There is no need to keep running to a kitchen to check because as soon as the countdown is done, the appliance will shut off automatically. It’s a perfect size appliance to keep on a countertop without consuming a lot of space in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Trays

Another jaw-dropping feature of this appliance is its spacious and adjustable stainless steel trays. Now you must be wondering that I have to invest more to buy mesh trays and more to dehydrate ingredients less in quantity, but that’s not true. Magic miller dehydrator has normal trays for regular meals and mesh trays for nuts and herbs. Due to the transparent glass door, you can keep an eye on the process, and the overall structure is of food-grade stainless steel.

Other than these, it also has fruit roll trays, and you can dehydrate most of the meal in a single batch. So, this dehydrator has 7 adjustable drying trays, 2-mesh trays, 2-mesh sheets, 2-non-stick trays, and 2-gloves in total with a measurement of 13″x12″. These trays have enough capacity to accommodate vegetables and fruits simultaneously with optimum drying performance. You can insert 7-trays at a time for dehydration as it has a 5L capacity.


As time is passing by, every appliance is getting simple and compact for our ease. We, on the other hand, want user-friendly appliances in our home to save precious time for other tasks, too. Magic mill dehydrator is one of the user-friendly and compact equipment to keep in the kitchen for dehydration. The panel consists of 6-simple touch buttons for customized settings. From there, you can increase and decrease the temperature, set it on fast or raw mode, keep food warm for several hours and start/stop the button.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you were drying beef, jerky, vegetables, or fruits because this appliance is way too easy to clean. Wipe down with a damp cloth to clean the interior, and you can put trays into the dishwasher as they are compatible with it.

Overheat Protection

Of course, we talked about performance, space, and accessories that come with it, but what about your safety? We can’t stake out safety to trying dehydrated meals in our home. Magic mill dehydrator has handled the safety concern too. It has an overheating protection feature that will save you from getting injured while checking out the progress.

It will shut down automatically when heating up excessively. Due to manufacturing through BPA-free material, you can count on it to get a hygienic meal. It’s time to enjoy preparing food for your next outdoor activity without worrying about safety while using a magic mill dehydrator.

Weakness of Magic Mill Dehydrator

With every good thing comes a few flaws, and you have to deal with them if it’s not compromising your safety. Let’s see what are the weak points of this appliance?

Temperature Settings

People already using this dehydrator often complain about the lack of customized temperature settings. They have mentioned some fixed temperatures to choose from. It has quite a few options when you want to dehydrate several things at once. Also, sometimes you can listen to the buzzing sound coming out of it, but it happens rarely.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, the Magic mill dehydrator is magical with the extraordinary performance you expect while working in a kitchen. When trying dehydration for the first time, you may feel confused, but this appliance will handle everything for you.

From garden fruits to vegetables and other ingredients, you can dehydrate almost anything in it without getting into operational complications. We hope our honest review must have helped you decide. It’s an ideal machine to have in your kitchen if you are a frequent traveler or like to keep everything in stock for emergencies.


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