Is a noisy fridge dangerous? Reasons

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A refrigerator is an essential home appliance, and homeowners cannot afford a malfunctioned one. However, as it is a piece of mechanical equipment, you may encounter various issues with it. So, one must know how to deal with such issues. Some issues look petty but they become dangerous and far more harmful than you expected. One such issue is a noisy fridge. The issue occurs when loud noises coming from the back or inside of your fridge.

A noisy fridge is a nightmare which not only irritates the homeowner but can also turn it into a considerable fault. There may be various reasons why the fridge is noisy. If the noise comes from the back, then there is probably a problem with the compressor, condenser fan or defrost timer. If the noise comes from inside, then it could be due to malfunctioned evaporator fan. Other reasons may be poor insulation or worn-out components.

So, in this article, we have come up with many reasons why the noisy fridge is dangerous and how you can get rid of the trouble and its causes.

Is a noisy fridge dangerous?

Is a noisy fridge dangerous

The answer could be yes as well as no. It is the fact that a noisy fridge is quite irritating and its loud humming noise can be disruptive to your sleep, another fact is that it does not cause any serious damage to the household or it again depends upon the situation.

However, you should not take it lightly and dig out the reasons why the fridge is noisy. There are ways to reduce the noise and you should try them before thinking of buying a new one because you never know when the electrical device will become hazardous and cause serious damage to you and your household. You should be sceptical about the noise despite the fact that the noise is not troubling you.

Researchers believe that people should take necessary steps to reduce noticeable unwanted noises to avoid various issues we will discuss in detail in the next section.  One main reason to dig out and resolve the issue is the noise pollution it causes which contributes to environmental pollution and has a lot of harmful effects.

Main Reasons Why Noisy Fridge is Dangerous

Is a noisy fridge dangerous

There are numerous reasons why a noisy fridge could be dangerous to you and your household. Although we learnt that noise does not cause any serious damage or life threat but still one should take it seriously to avoid serious problems in future.

The noisy fridge is considered to cause interference with other electronic equipment or wireless network due to which you may face disruption while using that technology. Moreover, an appliance which is operated by electricity is always at risk of fire and explosion. Gas leakage or a malfunctioned power supply can twitch fire if not attended to timely & appropriately.

Fridge normally produces a sound which falls between 27 to 45 decibels. This sound is audible & acceptable. However, if it causes a bothering humming sound or an extremely loud sound which can be heard at a considerable distance then there may be a serious issue with any part which needs serious attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I unplug the noisy fridge?

If you feel that the noise is barely noticeable and there is no probability of a serious issue, then unplugging the fridge is not necessary. However, you should necessarily unplug the fridge when you are getting it repaired or cleaning it. It is recommended to hire a professional technician who has sufficient knowledge about refrigerators if you sense a serious problem before unplugging. Make sure that you have taken out all the food stored in it because frozen food gets contaminated faster by bacteria when it warms up.

How do you know if your refrigerator is dangerous?

Refrigerators contain harmful gases which are used to operate them. However, a very small amount of these gases do the work. If the gas starts to leak, then the food stored in the fridge can get toxic and dangerous for your health. Moreover, if you find condensation appearing on the outside, then it is also a sign that the fridge is not working well. Loud noise, cracks and overheated coil are also signs that the refrigerator is dangerous.

Why does my fridge make noise when the door is closed?

Some people witness a noise when they close the refrigerator door. It usually occurs when the evaporator fan motor malfunctions or does not work properly. However, this noise could be a normal sound as well. A refrigerator makes a buzzing sound due to the fans. The fan circulates air inside the unit. Once you open its door, the fan stops running with a jerk and makes a buzzing sound.

How do I fix my noisy fridge?

Is a noisy fridge dangerous

Fixing a noisy fridge is important because it is quite annoying to hear a buzzing sound continuously. There are ways how you can fix the problem effortlessly by doing little research. Here are a few tips on how you can detect a potential reason for the noise and fix it instantly.

Listen to the noise carefully and try to figure out where it is coming from. The noise may come from anywhere. If it comes from the bottom, then the problem lies with the drain pan. Tightening the pan will work. If the noise comes from the back, then you should check the health of defrost timer, condenser and compressor, while the evaporator fan may be the culprit if the noise is coming from inside.


A Noisy fridge is annoying, and there is a risk of danger if the problem persists. We hope this article will help you a bit and you would learn how essential it is to get rid of the problem. We hope our article was also helpful in giving you an idea about its serious consequences.

Do share your queries with us if you want to know more about your appliances in the comment section below. See you soon.


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