Standard Cutting Board Sizes | All sizes and dimension Explored

If you are a foodie, you might know the importance of a good cutting board. It is one of the essential kitchen items and is part of many households. Numerous memorable meals cooked at home begin with cutting ingredients on the boards. If you want to buy a cutting boards for your kitchen, learning about it is important. You should have all the necessary information, including standard cutting board sizes before buying. Here are the standard cutting board sizes that you can choose from:

Standard Cutting Board Sizes: How To Choose Right  cutting board size

  • Small size cutting board

  • Medium size cutting board

  • Large size cutting board

  • Extra large size cutting board

  • Round size cutting board

We have mentioned some examples of Standard cutting boards at the bottom.

Cutting Boards Shapes:

After finalizing the right size, you should also consider the cutting boards’ right shape. The shape can be helpful in determining how easily you can work on the board. Having sufficient surface area on the board is very important. Furthermore, the perfect shape of a cutting board should be one that is easy to store in your kitchen.

Rectangular Boards:

A rectangle is one of the most common shapes available on a cutting board. Rectangle-shaped cutting boards can be available big as well as small in size. They provide sufficient working space. Another common shape for cutting boards is round.

Round Boards:

Round boards are also common cutting boards but they can be more challenging. If you compare round cutting boards with rectangular boards, the round ones have less surface area. Hence, considering the size of the round board would be important for you to consider before buying it. You have to make sure your round board provides adequate room for cutting. Round cutting boards come with some unique benefits too. For instance, they may look amazing when they are on display.

Materials for Cutting Boards:

While you search for the best cutting board for your kitchen, consider the suitable material as well. The material is one of the important factors of your cutting board that impacts its durability. Furthermore, the aesthetics of your board also depend on the material used to make it. It also determined whether strong knives would damage it or it develops odor over time.

Common Materials for Cutting Board:

The commonly used materials include wood, wood fiber composite, and rubber. You may come across boards made of ceramic and glass but they are not recommended. The reason why glass or ceramic boards are not recommended is that they may damage your knives. They might also not have a place in the kitchen other than as trivets. Moreover, wood composite cutting boards might end up causing your knives to be full. Boards made by using exotic woods like bamboo or teak are said to be knife-damaging.

Now we are left with rubber and domestic woods. They both can have some pros and cons. For instance, wooden cutting boards can be aesthetically pleasing. One of the disadvantages of having a wooden cutting board is that they are a living product essentially. It can be changed depending on the environment. If you expose too much moisture to them, they may warp or split.

Rubber boards are used as cutting surface choices in many restaurants. The solid rubber boards are inexpensive, easy to clean and durable. They can also be lighter and easier on knives. If you are ready to ignore aesthetics, rubber boards can be a suitable choice.

Small Cutting Board sizes:

If you want a compact cutting board that is easy to store, you might consider buying this one. A small cutting board is said to offer versatility and easy storage. They can be suitable if your kitchen is small or you have limited space. You can easily cut single-serve fruit for snacks or cocktails on small boards. Furthermore, cutting boards in small sizes are available in wood or plastic materials. The sizes of small cutting boards include:

  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7
  • 6 x 9
  • 10 x 8

Here is a small-sized cutting board that you may find interesting to buy:

Home Mini Cutting Board Small Fruit Cutting Board for Baby food:

If you are looking for a board to cut small items, this mini board may be helpful. You can use it for cutting fruits, biscuits, small bread, cheese, and children’s food.  This is best cutting board for baby food. You can use this board at any time to cut cheese or fruits. Due to its size, this board can be good for camping.


Effective Performance:

As per the sellers, this cutting board can be used to cut numerous food items. You can use it for cutting fruits, biscuits, small bread, and cheese. Hence, this board may be a good choice for you to add to your kitchen. It is designed to deal with small food items.

Good for Travel:

Since this board is small in size, taking it with you is easier. It indicates that you can travel with this product. It is also made to be lightweight with easy storage. Hence, you can take it with your on your adventures and trips to enjoy your favorite foods. its a typical cutting board size.


Affordability is one of the factors that we simply can’t ignore.

Medium Cutting Boards:

  • Easy storage
  • Not heavy
  • Offers affordable prices
  • Replaces bully cutting boards
  • Received a complaint of separating after a while

Final Verdict:

This small cutting board seems to be effective as well as elegant. Not only does it offer good performance but also looks cute. You can also travel with it easily. Hence, doing further research before buying it can be better.

Medium Cutting Boards sizes:

These boards are either not too big or too small. That’s one of the reasons behind their popularity. They can be stored easily and you can keep them on your kitchen’s countertop. You can cut multiple items at a time on a medium-sized board.

If you want to cut bread and vegetables, you can go for wooden cutting boards. While you spring cleans your kitchen, ensure sanitizing all cutting boards. You can use lemon and vinegar to help increase their durability. Plastic boards are also available in medium size but they are known for having harmful effects on the health of consumers. Here are the sizes of medium-sized cutting boards that you can choose from:

  • 10 x 14
  • 12 x 18
  • 15 x 20

Here is a medium-sized cutting board that you can consider buying if it seems interesting

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove | Medium Kitchen Chopping Board For Daily Use:

This medium-sized cutting board is said to be suitable for everyday use. As per the sellers, it is perfect for daily usage. You can use it to dice, chop and cut food. Furthermore, it is designed to have an eye-catching ergonomic shape. This cutting board also features juice grooves that can catch juices and spills. In this way, this cutting board can ensure a clean countertop.


High Quality:

This cutting board offers peak performance at comparatively lower prices. According to the sellers, it is made of A+ Premium Teak Wood. The boards are also said to be made carefully with attention to detail. It is moisturized using 100% food-safe oil.

Visual Aesthetics:

When it comes to kitchen appliances, visual aesthetics are important. Many consumers prefer buying products that make their kitchen look good. This cutting board offers fine performance as well as a beautiful display. If you buy it, this board is likely to compliment your kitchen with its elegance.

Good Gift:

People often find it difficult to search for a gift for housewarming or anniversary celebrations. This cutting board can be a suitable gift for people who love food. Its quality performance and looks may impress your loved ones. If you know someone who would appreciate this board, you can give them this gift.

  • Premium teak wood
  • Visually gorgeous
  • High quality
  • Peak performance
  • Received complaint about being gritty

Final Verdict:

By looking at the features, it seems that this medium-sized cutting board is good. You may consider doing further research about it if you are interested. It can make your life easier with its multiple features. Furthermore, you can also consider giving this board as a gift to your beloved ones.

Large Cutting Boards sizes:

Large cutting boards are suitable for people who prefer uniquely shaped cutting boards. These boards are known for having narrower and longer options available. They can be sturdy and can ensure the good cutting of multiple items. These large-sized boards can hold smaller dishes for appetizers or dips for veggie platters. Due to their size, large boards are often put on the kitchen counter. The available sizes for these counters are:

  • 7 x 23
  • 18 x 18
  • 18 x 24

Sondor Los Angeles, XXL Thick Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove:

The sellers offer users to prep, dice, chop, display, or gift this beautiful board. It is made by using durable edge grain teak. As per the sellers, teak is known for moisture resistance. Hence, it is said to be an ideal material for cutting boards. The wood included is made hard enough to have clean cuts. However, it is made soft enough to maintain the edge of your knife.


Expansive Surface:

This board offers an extra spacious worktop. You can cut most foods very comfortable using it. It was designed for handling everything from pasta making, brisket carving, or dough kneading. Hence, this board can be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Deep Juice Groove:

You don’t have to worry about liquid running off the board. It is because this board features a juice groove to prevent any mess. As per the sellers, the juice groove is capable of holding up to 5 oz of liquid. Hence, it can prevent juice, water, and grease from overflowing while you prepare your meal.


Another valuable feature included in this cutting board is that it is multipurpose. It has a reversible design which indicates that you can use both sides for prepping. The other side is designed without a juice groove. You can use that side for expanding your cutting without any interruption.

  • Stability
  • Reversible
  • Ideal gift
  • Deep juice groove
  • Received complaint about being heavy

Final Verdict:

This cutting board by Sondor Los Angeles has numerous benefits for your convenience. While we can share the information, we can’t guarantee the results. If you consider buying this product, don’t forget to learn about it online. Keep in mind that it might be heavier as one of the reviews stated. Nevertheless, if weight is not an issue, you can consider buying it.

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Extra Large Cutting Boards:

If you like sauces and dressing and often make them at home, consider buying the extra-large cutting boards. They have enough space to store multiple ingredients at the same time in one place. The extra-large cutting boards are also used for preparing multiple meals in a commercial kitchen. Cooking in commercial kitchens may require heavy-duty knives. Moreover, the available sizes of the extra-large cutting boards are:

  • 18 x 30
  • 20 x 30

Here is an extra-large cutting board that you may like learning about:

Hiware Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board for Kitchen:

Hiware’s cutting board is designed to meet your kitchen needs. It includes slicing, chopping, and even using it for serving. The sellers claim that it has high-quality material and exquisite craftsmanship. These features can make chopping suitable for all kinds of vegetables, steaks, meat, chicken, and fruits. Hiware has been providing its services for over 20 years, indicating that it may be a trustworthy brand.


Juice Grooves:

This cutting board helps you in catching the juice before reaching the counter. You can keep the countertop and cutting board tidy by storing juice in grooves. It can save you from creating a mess while cooking. Moreover, the grooves are included near the edge so your cutting space doesn’t get compromised.

Knife-Friendly Surface:

Since this cutting board offers a flat surface, it can keep the knives safe from dullness. Furthermore, it is treated with edible oil. The sellers claim that it won’t make your blade damaged or worse. There won’t be any marks or scratches on the board, according to the sellers.


This board is made strong and durable due to its exquisite craft. However, they are not designed to be overly thick. Furthermore, it is quite flat and smooth after meticulous polishing. Hence, this cutting board may be the right choice for you.

  • Natural organic bamboo
  • Thicker but proper weight
  • Inner handle design
  • Juice groove
  • Knife-friendly surface
  • Received a complaint about being heavy

Final Verdict:

The overall features offered by this cutting board seem interesting and promising. You can think about buying it if they attract you as well. However, make sure it is a good deal by researching more about it. If it does all the work that is shared about it, it would be a wonderful kitchen item.

Round Cutting Boards:

These boards are among the traditional boards that are used to cut cheese and meat. You can cut a variety of meats as well as cheese or use them as serving tray alternatives. One of the factors that can be beneficial for you is that these boards can be rotated. Easy rotation indicates that you may also easily cut items. You can also give it as an anniversary present as it’s a good addition to anyone’s kitchen. The available sizes of round cutting boards are as follows:

  • 10 x 10
  • 16 x 16
  • 12 x 12

Buying the Right Size of Cutting Board:

Cutting boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, you can consider buying the rectangular one as it can be a suitable choice. You can select the size according to your kitchen needs and meal requirements. Hence, a rectangular cutting board can be one of the effective boards for you.

Considering the thickness, boards that are professional-grade and made of rubber can be lighter. If you are going for an end-grain board, you can consider having two inches of standard cutting board thickness. The best cutting board and the features included in them depend on users’ needs. While some people might want wooden boards, others may consider getting rubber boards. They all have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a Cutting Board with Extra Features:

Some cutting boards come with additional features. However, there may be some trade-offs as well. Rubber feet can be useful in increasing board stability and improved airflow. However, flipping your board over to use both sides can be difficult. Similarly, cutting boards featuring liquid-catching grooves can be very effective. Their usage is only beneficial if you use it to cut meat.

Boards that include the feature of folding in half are at a higher risk of being broken or falling apart. If you want to move prepped ingredients, you can simply use a bench scraper. Some boards also include additional trays and cups. Whatever container a user has already can be enough for assembly mise en place.


We hope you like the information shared regarding standard cutting board sizes. Now you have to decide which size would be ideal for you. Avoid wasting money by buying everything before researching. Be careful with the scammers too. Only proceed to place an order once you do thorough research about a certain product.


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