Top 7 Wooden Cutting Boards with Handle

For honing your cooking skills, you should have all the right tools to get started in the kitchen. Owning the right cutting board is as essential as the sharp knife to dice everything perfectly. We often neglect crucial factors when choosing the top wooden cutting boards with handle.

Your perfect knife and professional cooking are useless when you don’t have a hard surface to chop on. None of us want to eat a steak that looks like an irregular piece of meat without crispy edges. It’s time to choose kitchen tools wisely, like cutting boards, but how? Keep reading to get all your answers from here.

Top Wooden Cutting Boards with Handle (Detailed Reviews)

  1. Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Good health is a blessing, and people these days are switching to an organic lifestyle to enhance their quality of life. But despite doing everything, what if something present in your kitchen is still harming you and your loved ones? We are talking about a low-quality cutting board laying right in front of you that is contaminated and leaving crumbs in your food. Do not freak out because it’s time to move on to the one with perfect quality. It’s an excellent fit for people looking for standard cutting boards.

The large bamboo cutting board by HHXRISE is made of bamboo wood to cater to your kitchen needs. It is among the top wooden cutting boards with handle, and has a polished and smooth surface. Due to premium construction, it’s resistant to cracks, knife cuts, and slippage. It can help you perform several tasks, such as dicing, chopping, cutting, and working as a serving tray. Once you have finished chopping and dicing, clean it with soapy water. No need to scrub it for several minutes to remove leftovers.

For making dicing and chopping easy, it has 3-built-in compartments to store chopped veggies separately. Also, the deep groove prevents fluid from spilling all over the kitchen counter. Stop using bowls to keep everything separate. The comfortable handle design makes it easy to carry anywhere. The best thing about this board is it will never make your cutlery dull, so now you can use your favorite knife for better cutting.

  • Deep juice groove
  • 100% natural bamboo material
  • Best to prepare small and large meal ingredients
  • Easy to carry handle
  • It’s not dishwasher friendly
  1. KARRYOUNG Acacia Wood Cutting Board

If perfection is your nature, then the Karryoung Acacia wood cutting board is compatible with your personality. Acacia wood is popular due to its polish, sweet smell, and undestroyable quality. It can last for years in your kitchen and is a perfect cutting board to prepare any ingredient for your next meal. The handle of this cutting board is safe due to its slip-resistant quality. You can pour ingredients directly into the pot from the board by holding a handle with a fine grip.

The thickness of this cutting board is quite impressive, and it’s big enough to accommodate a whole piece of meat over it. This board is only not suitable for the home, but a commercial kitchen, too. Another quality of acacia wood is its quick cleanliness. There is no need to scrub it, you only have to soak it in warm water with soap, and all odors will vanish.

You can say it’s one of the sustainable and sturdy chopping boards you will ever get your hands on at affordable prices. The natural wood pattern survives deep knife cuts, and a solid framework is all about durability to serve you. Also, if you know any of your chef friends need a durable and sustainable cutting board, this is the best gift to present them. It’s a  value for money, and a solid wood piece will make your cooking fun.

  • Made of premium quality wood
  • Reversible design
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-functional board
  • It’s not dishwasher safe.
  1. Bamboo Cutting Board Set with handle

What do you look for in an ideal cutting board? Appearance, price, or durability? Bambusi has come out with a bamboo cutting board set made from a combination of the finest components. The durability, eco-friendly nature, density, and strength make it stand out. If you love to maintain the highest standards in the kitchen, this is your clue to choosing the best cutting board from other options.

With the attractive appearance and affordable prices, you can use it for several purposes other than cutting, like serving your meals or steaks. It’s lightweight and easy to carry as a serving tray. While dicing your ingredients on it, you will feel like a professional chef because of its durable surface and compatibility with several elements. From cutting meat without losing its texture to chopping veggies of equal size.

This bamboo cutting board set is durable to last for years and is easy to clean. Your next lingering question must be, “what if I want to use my favorite sharp knife on it for cutting”? The answer is, that it’s scratch and slip-resistant, so you can always count on it. Above all, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the material, you can return the product, and your money will get a refund without further questions.

  • Multi-purpose cutting board
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo
  • For added stability, keep a towel beneath the surface
  1. JAMIE OLIVER Acacia Wood Cutting Board – Large

Jamie Oliver Acacia wood cutting boards are compatible with people who love to chop their vegetables like a chef. Kitchen enthusiasts who love to turn everything into perfection will find this cutting board a constant cooking companion. This well-priced board is sturdy, beautiful, and slip-resistant to make cooking safe for you. This 20-inches board is only not suitable for chopping ingredients but for serving sizzling meat on.

If you were looking out for one of the top wooden cutting boards with a handle, your search party ends here. The strong-grip handle measures around 3.5inches for easy transportation and storage for you. After cutting stuff on it, you will think, how am I supposed to save it from bacteria? The smooth layer of matt lacquer finish creates a protective seal from bacteria and contamination. By washing it with soap and warm water, you can get rid of any possible bacteria on the surface.

Another impressive feature of Jamie Oliver Acacia’s wooden cutting board is the reversible design. Strop looking for a right side to start cutting when you can work on either side. The finishing and shine on the surface of a cutting board are not harmful to you because it’s finished with food-safe oil. Even after several years of use, you won’t see any marks on the surface.

  • Reversible design
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for cutting and serving
  • Sturdy to last
  • Not suitable with a professional sharp knife
  1. Rachael Ray Pantryware Wood Cutting Board With Handle

If you want something stunning in your kitchen, Rachael Ray pantry ware wood cutting board is your answer. It’s all about enjoying your simple meals by using the right tools in your kitchen to make cooking fun. The cutting-board style is all traditional, and you will find it the best match for the kitchen.

The stunning woodwork is all about delivering quality to you. This cutting board is around 14-inches ideal partner for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. The handle is convenient to carry anywhere, and the handle has a leather loop to hang in your kitchen. Also, once you are finished chopping, there is no need to clean it with expensive detergents because it requires soap only.

While using this cutting board, you don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules that are annoying enough to make cooking hectic for you. It’s the best product to own when you want durability with beauty for regular cooking. Due to the robust surface, it won’t move from the counter while chopping ingredients. Other than a cutting board, you can also use it as a hot plate for serving.

  • A beautiful match for the kitchen
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Quick to clean
  • It’s not scratch-resistant
  1. AIDEA Wood Cutting Board Large

Many people think it’s hard to own a beautiful cutting board until you pay a heavy price. This myth has been proved wrong by the AIDEA wood cutting board which is durable and equally gorgeous. This product has a smooth surface that can serve as a tray too. It’s compact to consume any space on the countertop for more convenience. It has a handle that makes hanging possible.

The reversible design has made this cutting board exceptional, and you don’t have to pick the right side anymore. You don’t have to worry about hiding an ugly cutting board anymore because it will add beauty to your kitchen while hanging on the wall. If you want to present a thoughtful gift to someone who loves cooking, there’s nothing better than an AIDEA wood cutting board.

This cutting board is around 11-inches and can accommodate different ingredients at a time. The premium construction of a cutting board makes it safe to use for years and never leaves crumbs with ingredients.

  • Easy to carry handle
  • Premium construction
  • Reversible and multipurpose design
  • Original color and grain
  • It doesn’t have a deep grove to hold juices
  1. Brookline Wood Cutting Board Set

To cater to your kitchen needs, this large bamboo cutting board by Brookline is at your service. It is available as a complete set of 3 to help you cut ingredients according to meal size. From chopping vegetables to cutting meat, it can help you accomplish meal requirements. Due to the reversible cutting surface, it’s an ideal board to use regularly and has a handle for movability.

The surface of the wood is smooth to use for chopping and keeps your knives sharp. Regardless of your ingredients, it is easy to clean without absorbing the odor of anything. By soaking it in warm water with soap, you can get rid of any sticky leftovers. Due to high-quality construction, you don’t have to replace it every year; it can survive years in your kitchen to accompany you all the time.

It is one of the top wooden cutting boards with handles, and people love it due to its premium construction. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using a cutting board in the kitchen, it will not leave crumbs with ingredients. If you love to serve food with a restaurant-like style, it can also work as a serving tray. You can serve steak with veggies and other sizzling creations of yours. You can keep it on a kitchen counter for quick cutting without worrying about slipping. It can hold the position for hours, and you will love the performance.

  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep knives sharp
  • Last for years
  • The dishwasher may damage the surface

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Buying Guide for Wooden Cutting Boards with Handle

When you are about to buy the top wooden cutting boards with handle, all the things come down to one question “why do you need a cutting board?”. You need to determine your use, but we are discussing the common factors that should be on your cutting board. Let’s move.

Strong Grip

Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to keep grabbing a cutting board to hold it on a point because of weak resistance. As a beginner, search for the boards with rubberized or textured bottoms. To work quickly as a professional cook, pick a cutting board with a non-slip base and save your time. For extra grip, you can put a piece of towel beneath a cutting board.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a cutting board after slicing meat on it is an uphill battle. How are you supposed to deal with the smell and fats left behind on a cutting board? If you hate scrubbing board for several minutes to get rid of every leftover on it, you need something simple in a kitchen. Other than being dishwasher-friendly, it should be easy to clean with hands. Wooden cutting boards are delicate and may get a crack in a dishwasher due to rough cleaning.


A cutting board is your silent friend in the kitchen, where it makes your work simple to chop off anything. But what if it’s not safe and the meal you are cooking for the family is harmful? Many cutting boards made of cheap material leave crumbs with every knife cut, and it’s unsafe to ingest them. We advise you to choose the cutting board with handles for easy carrying and must be eco-friendly.

Material Quality

If you are against investing several times on a cutting board within a year, don’t hesitate to choose the best material. Premium wood, bamboo, and walnut wood are some of the best examples to last for a long time in your kitchen. They can survive knife cuts and never leave crumbs on your food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I avoid cutting on a board with handle?

You should avoid cutting fresh poultry, which is unwashed on the cutting board, and the reason is simple. As soon as meat starts losing fluids on the board, wood will absorb if laying there for a long time. As a result, your cutting board will smell that will be hard to get rid of. After cutting a meal, soak it in soap water to disinfect it.

Which one should I choose for better results? Wooden or plastic cutting board?

Unfortunately, people often choose plastic cutting boards which are harmful to your health if they are of cheap material. On the other hand, wooden cutting boards are a bit on the expensive side, but they are safe to use. They tend to last for years without surface damage and provide non-slippery strong support to you while dicing anything. Also, wooden cutting boards keep your knives sharp.

How often should I change my cutting board to maintain kitchen hygiene?

After every use, you should clean the top wooden cutting boards with handle thoroughly to get rid of blood, juices, and leftovers on them. An average cutting board lasts for 3-years, and if you have something made of premium quality, it should survive in your kitchen for at least 5-years. It’s healthy to replace the cutting board after 5-years. Don’t forget to clean the cutting board after every use to prevent contamination.

Final Thoughts

Even if using the top wooden cutting boards with handle regularly for heavy work, it can last for years. It provides constant support to your cooking by being a support to you in the kitchen. From cutting a perfect steak without losing its juice to the quick chopping of vegetables, it can help you in all.

The reliable cutting boards are worth your investments, but you need to evaluate what kind of work you need it? In this way, you can pick out the best one from so many choices in a heartbeat. Due to excellent features and premium construction, our compiled cutting boards are practical to use.


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