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Don’t know the major difference between Teapot and Kettle – Let’s find out. Confusing teapots and tea kettles to be identical are understandable. They look somewhat similar, leading consumers to think they’re the same. However, it might surprise you but a tea kettle and teapot are not the same. A lot of people don’t realize they are two completely different products. Their functions are different but the end result is the same i.e. a heavenly cup of tea.

A teapot can be described as a container used for brewing tea. They are available in numerous pot styles and designs in the market. On the other hand, the tea kettle is designed specifically to use on the stovetop. If you have ever felt confused about which one to buy, learn their differences. Keep on reading to find out the difference between Teapot and Kettle.

What Is The Major difference between teapot and kettle?

First, let’s discuss the teapot and its functions. It is a container used specifically to hold extremely hot boiling water. A wide range of materials is used for manufacturing a teapot. For instance, teapots are available in ceramic, porcelain, and steel, etc.

The main purpose of a teapot is to brew tea leaves and coffee grounds. You can start by tossing your favorite tea leaves or coffee grounds into the pot and adding boiling water. The teapots are designed according to their function as well. You can pour hot boiling water into it without being scared of the potential burns. Thanks to their specialized construction, users’ jobs become simple and effortless.

With teapots, easily pouring water in the kettle is not the only great feature. You can also pour tea easily due to the handy spout and sturdy handle. Additionally, some spouts feature built-in strainers to ensure purified tea pouring. The filters help prevent coffee grounds or tea leaves from ending up on the cup. Keep in mind that teapots are not designed to be placed on the stovetops. As great as these products are, they cannot be used for boiling water.

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What is a Tea Kettle?

Teapot Vs Tea Kettle

Now that we understand the function of a teapot, it’s time to learn about the tea kettle. This product is capable of withstanding a direct heat source for heating water. A tea kettle can be used on a gas or electric stovetop to boil water inside it. However, tea kettles have become more advanced over time. Now, electric kettles have also been introduced to boil water. They contain a lid and spout used for adding and pouring water respectively.

Unlike teapots, tea kettles are made more durable to perform their job effectively. Some of the materials used for manufacturing tea kettles include copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. Not only are these materials durable, but can also heat water fast. Tea kettles can also be remembered as a unit that whistles once water gets hot.

Over the years, tea kettles have evolved in terms of their functioning. Previously, they were used for heating water only. However, some top-notch brands have included a tea-infuser to the kettles for boiling and brewing.

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The Major Difference between Teapot and Kettle:


Teapot Vs Tea Kettle

Since teapots and tea kettles are used for different functions. The material used for each of them is also different. From the appearance, both of these products might look similar, which can be confusing. That’s why we have shared the difference between a tea kettle and a teapot in detail below. If you are still feeling confused about the two products, you are suggested to keep on reading. Learning the difference between a tea kettle vs teapot can help you pick the right product.

Teapot and Kettle both have different usage:

The first and the most important difference is the usage of these two products. A tea kettle is used for boiling water. It can boil water for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other food items. However, tea kettles are recommended to use for boiling water only. Using this item for other contents may ruin its appearance as well as performance. As a result, your kettle might not provide the best results and become challenging to clean.

On the other hand, a teapot is not meant to boil water on the stovetop. This item is only used for brewing tea. You can pour the boiled water into your teapot along with tea leaves or coffee grounds. The main function of a teapot is to steep the tea.

Teapot and Kettle both have different Material

For manufacturing tea kettles, sturdy and tough material is required. These kettles are meant to withstand extreme heat produced by the stovetop. Materials like iron, steel, stoneware, and heavy glass are used for manufacturing tea kettles.

However, the teapots don’t require such extremely sturdy materials due to their function. The entire design and structure of teapots depend on their material. They can be manufactured by using fragile material as well. That’s the main reason why teapots should not be heated on the stovetop. They can end up getting cracked, bent, or broken due to their fragile material.

Teapot and Tea Kettle both have different Appearance

They might look similar at first, but both of these products have different appearances. A tea kettle has a bigger size and a simpler function structure. They don’t have many functions or complicated designs like some electric kettles. It is because teapots are made to keep water warm only.

However, the kettles are designed to have multiple functions. They are manufactured to provide safety from fire and potential burns. You should not buy a tea kettle based on its appearance. Features are the biggest factor that should be considered before buying the tea kettle.


In the nutshell, teapots and tea kettles look very familiar. That’s why confusing them to be the same product with the same functions is understandable. We hope that our guide related to the difference between a tea kettle vs. teapot was helpful. The aim was to guide you enough so you can buy the right product as per your desire. However, both of these products can provide you with delish hot beverages. Follow the instructions and precautions written in the manual for the best results.                                  


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