Ruffoni vs Mauviel – Which is Better Copper Cookware Brand?

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When it comes to cooking, nothing quite matches the properties of copper cookware. Copper cookware is a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks for its astounding heat conductivity, long-lasting durability, and sleek design. With so many brands available, it can be tough to determine which suits your cooking desires. This article will discuss the comparison between the two leading copper cookware brands: Ruffoni vs Mauviel. We’ll explore their build quality, performance features as well as design elements to aid you in selecting the best option that fits your kitchen needs perfectly.

Comparison of Ruffoni vs Mauviel:

1. Construction and materials comparison between Ruffoni vs Mauviel

  • The thickness of the copper:

Ruffoni copper cookware is superior to Mauviel in terms of durability, as the former’s thickness ranges from 2mm to 3mm compared with a maximum of 2.5mm for the latter. Thus, Ruffoni will be able to withstand more wear and tear than Mauviel over time.

  • Type of copper used:

If you’re looking for cookware that offers superior heat conductivity and outstandingly high quality, both Mauviel and Ruffoni are excellent choices. Mauviel’s copper is 99% pure, while Ruffoni utilizes 95%, yet its thickness produces similarly effective results. These two powerful options will ensure you find the perfect fit for your kitchen needs!

  • Type of handles and lids used:

Mauviel and Ruffoni both offer high-quality cookware with secure handles. Mauviel’s cast iron handle offers a sturdy grip, while Ruffoni utilizes brass for a more visually appealing aesthetic that still provides an easy-to-use hold. Both brands also feature stainless steel lids for the optimal cooking experience.

2. Performance Comparison of Ruffoni vs Mauviel

  • Heat distribution:

Mauviel and Ruffoni cookware display superior heat distribution capabilities due to their copper construction. The copper transfers heat quickly and uniformly, granting you an undeniable level of accuracy when it comes to temperature control. Still, the thicker build of Ruffoni cookware might give it a slight advantage in spreading the warmth evenly around your kitchen!

  • Durability:

Mauviel and Ruffoni both manufacture long-lasting cookware, yet it is Ruffoni’s thicker copper construction makes it even more reliable throughout its lifespan. Both companies utilize the highest quality materials and production methods; however, due to the extra thickness of their items, they are less likely to be deformed or damaged in time.

  • Ease of cleaning:

Copper cookware is often considered difficult to clean, but Mauviel and Ruffoni offer a few solutions. A copper cleaner or a mixture of salt, flour, and vinegar can be used on any of their products with extra care necessary for optimal results. When it comes down to it, though, Ruffoni’s thicker construction makes them slightly more resistant to scratches and stains than Mauviel’s thinner design.

3. Design and aesthetics Comparison between Ruffoni vs Mauviel:

Ruffoni vs Mauviel 1

  • Overall design:

Whether you choose Mauviel or Ruffoni cookware, both offer a timeless and sophisticated look that will enhance any kitchen. The major difference is in their handles; Mauviel has cast iron handles, while Ruffoni boasts brass ones.

  • Variety of products offered:

Mauviel provides an extensive range of cookware, from pots and pans to roasting dishes. Furthermore, they offer many specialized items, such as crepe pans and works that you won’t find elsewhere. Ruffoni may not have the same breadth of selection compared to Mauviel, but all their products are gorgeously designed with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Pros and cons of  Mauviel:

  • Mauviel cookware is made with 99% pure copper, which provides excellent heat conductivity.
  • The construction is sturdy, and the cast iron handles are securely riveted to the cookware for added strength.
  • Mauviel offers a wide range of cookware options, including specialized pieces like crepe pans and woks.
  • Due to the thinner construction, Mauviel cookware may be more prone to warping or denting over time.
  • The copper surface may require more frequent polishing to maintain its shine.
  • The cast iron handle may get hot quickly. It may require mitts or a towel to handle.

Pros and cons of Ruffoni:

  • Ruffoni cookware is made with 95% pure copper, which is still highly conductive.
  • The construction is sturdy, and the brass handles are securely riveted to the cookware for added strength.
  • The thicker copper construction makes Ruffoni cookware more durable over time.
  • Ruffoni offers a more limited selection of cookware compared to Mauviel.
  • The copper surface may require more frequent polishing to maintain its shine.
  • The brass handles, while sturdy, may not be as heat-resistant as cast iron handles.

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What is the difference between Mauviel and Ruffoni copper cookware?

Mauviel and Ruffoni copper cookware may look similar, but their construction features set them apart. Mauviel offers a diverse selection of cookware crafted with 99% pure copper, while Ruffoni’s collection has thicker walls to provide extra longevity and is made using 95% pure copper.

Is Mauviel or Ruffoni better for heat distribution?

Mauviel and Ruffoni are renowned for their consistent heat distribution. However, due to its thicker construction, Ruffoni may slightly outperform Mauviel in distributing the same warmth.

Can I use metal utensils with Mauviel or Ruffoni copper cookware?

Opting for wooden, plastic, or silicone utensils is the best choice when cooking with copper cookware — metal can scratch and damage the surface. Avoid using metallic instruments to keep your copper kitchenware looking its best.

What is the best way to clean and maintain Mauviel or Ruffoni copper cookware?

To keep Mauviel and Ruffoni cookware in top shape, it is recommended to utilize a copper cleaner or blend salt, flour, and vinegar for cleaning. You should also polish the copper surface routinely to maintain its lustrous appearance.


Mauviel and Ruffoni are some of the most recognizable names in copper cookware. Both brands manufacture their products using high-quality techniques, resulting in both aesthetically pleasing and efficient utensils. Yet there remain distinct distinctions between them; Mauviel crafts its pieces with 99% pure copper to furnish a more comprehensive range of items, while Ruffoni utilizes 95% purity for increased durability and sturdiness.

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Recommendation for the best brand based on personal preference and needs:

When selecting the ideal cookware for your kitchen, it comes down to individual cooking necessities and personal tastes. Choose Mauviel when you require fast heat transfer-ability alongside a broad selection of options. On the other hand, Ruffoni is perfect for those seeking long-lasting pots and pans with an iconic look.

Before choosing between Mauviel vs Ruffoni copper cookware, you must carefully consider the maintenance involved in caring for these materials. It’s wise to consider your budget and decide if such care is right for you based on how often you plan to use the pots or pans before making a final decision.


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